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VRcollab STUDIO. Product Features

A Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (C.A.V.E) is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed between 3 to 6 walls of a room sized cube. VRcollab STUDIO is a software product specially created for CAVE systems, that allow for Architecture and Construction professionals to view thier BIM models using 3D glasses and further interact with it via VDC centric software features.


VRcollab STUDIO is created to solve the problems facing AEC profesionals when interfacing between BIM and VR.

3D Glasses
Allowing for depth and perspective while not isolating the view of other stakeholders, unlike VR headgears.

BIM Conversion
Automatically convert BIM models for use in the CAVE System, 7GB converted in less then 10 minutes.

VDC Features
Control the navigation of the CAVE with ease using keyboard and mouse, LITE features included.

Large Groups
Accommodate large groups of stakeholders, up to 15 people to coordinate and mitigate design.

Able to connect to other VRcollab STUDIOs and VR users on VRcollab LITE through the Internet.