VRcollab STUDIO is a software product specially created for C.A.V.E. systems,
allowing for BIM and 3D Models to be viewed by large groups of stakeholders using 3D stereoscopic glasses.

Cave Automatic Virtual Environment

What is a CAVE?

A cave automatic virtual environment or CAVE uses projections on the walls and ceiling of a room to create the illusion of a real environment.

Users wear 3D stereoscopic glasses to view the walls, where there is a sense of depth and perspective based on the virtual model projected.

Supported Versions: Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2014, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2015, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2016, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2017, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2018, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2019, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2020, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2021

Supported Versions: Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2018, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️  Manage 2019, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2020, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2021

Supported Versions: Rhino3D 6

Supported Versions: Graphisoft Archicad® 21, Graphisoft Archicad® 22, Graphisoft Archicad® 23* (beta)

Supported Versions: No need for Sketchup software (2014 - 2020)

Supported Formats: .obj, .fbx

One Click Exports

Integrated to your BIM and 3D Models

SaaS Product

Plug & Play

Designed to be used by most CAVE systems that utilise projectors connected directly to a single GPU in a plug and play manner.

Depth & Perspective

3D Glasses

Allowing for depth and perspective while not isolating the view of other stakeholders, unlike VR headgears.


Remote Meetings

Able to connect to other VRcollab STUDIOs and other users utilising products in the ecosystem such as VRcollab LITE.

Safdie Architects CAVE

VRcollab Studio x Igloo Vision

We take any digital content and put it in a shared immersive space that anyone can use. Because groups of people can get inside, it’s perfect for collaborative teamwork. Find out more.

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