BIM Coordination For Your CAVE

VRcollab Studio™ software allows for your CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) system to bring in BIM, 3D and CDE models for purposes of stakeholder design reviews and inter-disciplinary coordination.

Integrated to your BIM, 3D and CDE Formats

VRcollab Studio™ allows for users to directly bring in their BIM, 3D formats, models and corresponding models directly from their project CDEs in the cloud, with current integrations to BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk Build and BIM Track.

Created issues logged are also synced back to the corresponding CDE or generated coordination report with full issue metadata and onsite screenshot for ease of design iteration.

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The only dedicated best in class BIM for CAVE software

How It Works?

We understand CAVEs greatly differ from one another. As such we have built a product that allows you to have the best in class BIM Inspection tools from Coordinate™, adapted to your CAVE interface.

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Remote internet coordinations with Coordinate™ users
Studio™ Hardware Requirements
Minimum Recommended
Hardware Windows-based PC with mouse and keyboard input
Operating System Windows 10 or later; only 64-bit OS
CPU Intel® i-7 or equivalent ( allows for quicker BIM conversion ) Intel® i-9 or equivalent
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 ( less complex BIM ) NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3090 ( large & complex BIM )
RAM 16 GB ( more RAM allows for larger BIM to be loaded ) 64 GB or more
Disk Space Hard disk 500GB or more free space; SSD for best performance
Connectivity Internet Connectivity for License Access / Multi User Remote Meetings, all other functionality can be run locally