VRcollab STUDIO 2.0: Are CAVEs Replacing Coordination Rooms in Architecture and Construction?


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VRcollab STUDIO 2.0: Are CAVEs Replacing Coordination Rooms in Architecture and Construction?

September 6, 2019

Building design coordination has traditionally been done in both meeting and board rooms, usually in front of a large screen while stakeholder’s perspective are dictated by a single pilot. Navigating BIM software to the best possible perspective in order to coordinate both clashes and design.

This tedious process is further complicated by another two professionals whose role is to capture the projected screen and annotate important considerations. All this is then finally consolidated for further interrogation and remodelling.

Coordination rooms
AEC Meeting Room

What if there was a way for professionals to navigate intuitively as if they were in the built design even before the first brick is laid? With no depth and perspective information lost behind a 2D screen.

Stakeholders access design information such as headroom, object attributes and layers with a click of a controller; assigning annotations with voice and exporting all issues with accompanying viewports automatically in the form of a coordination report.


Would this not increase the efficiency of both design coordination and understanding whilst allowing stakeholders to better concentrate on the design at hand?

“VRcollab truly redefines collaboration in construction. It allows us to coordinate more effectively and efficiently while immersing ourselves into the virtual space; which was unachievable in current conventional practice” – Rexter Retana, BIM Lead RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

However, a common pain point when VR goggles are used in coordination would be that VR and non-VR participants are visually isolated due to the technology’s immersive nature. This is where the inclusive nature of a C.A.V.E. system can be incorporated to accommodate to a larger group.

VRcollab STUDIO 2.0 is a software solution which incorporates the effectiveness of VR coordination while allowing for large groups to be immersed in the as-built design for purposes of visualisation and coordination.

VRcollab CAVE

C.A.V.E. System running on VRcollab STUDIO 2.0 would allow for:

  1. Automated BIM Conversion — VRcollab’s core technology allows for large BIM models to be converted accurately and quickly for use in VR and Stereoscopic applications; Tested 5GB in 10 mins
  2. 5 Walled System — Front, Sides, Overhead and Floor surfaces for projections; creating a truly immersive environment for large groups of audiences
  3. Stereoscopic Projection — Impressive depth and perspective; audiences wear 3D glasses in order to coordinate without the isolation of VR head-mounted displays (HMD)
  4. Cross-Internet Coordination — STUDIO 2.0 incorporates multi-user over-the-internet VR coordination feature from VRcollab LITE software; essentially becoming a virtual BIG room for international stakeholders
  5. Access, Annotate, Capture — The guide uses a keyboard or a VR HMD to bring audiences around the model; while allowing for BIM information retrieval and annotations to be captured via intuitive motions

STUDIO 2.0 is not just a visualisation tool, but one that aims to add value through its ability to accelerate tedious workflows and enhance coordination leading to better design decisions and ultimately cost savings.

We would love to understand your workflow and discuss how we are able to make it better.

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