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Connect With Stakeholders in 3 Easy Steps with VRcollab LITE

February 18, 2019

In version v0.10.0, we have completely reiterated the design of the launcher, with a more focused workflow centred around stakeholder collaboration and data communication.

Scanning BIM

Does your VRcollab Launcher look different? Don’t fret!

Also introducing multi-language support, starting with our Mandarin Language support, with many other languages coming in the next few months.

Multiuser Internet Coordination

One key feature we are proud of is the ease at which the new launcher enables users to host or join coordination meetings with stakeholders from around the world in a couple of easy steps:

Host Meeting:

Host a Coordination Meeting - VRcollab Multiuser VDC GIF
  1. Select Coordination Model
  2. Launch in Internet Meeting
  3. Send your unique Meeting Code to your Stakeholders

Join Meeting:

Join a Coordination Meeting - VRcollab Multiuser VDC GIF
  1. Key in Meeting Code in Meeting Tab
  2. Join your Stakeholders in the Virtual Environment

Note: Non-users are able to download and register for a free trial which gives full functionality like multi-user for 14 days at and connect to existing VRcollab users.

VRcollab LITE: Mini-map, Gridlines and Section Box

With the development of this version, we have concentrated on features that allow the user to better appreciate and communicate the wealth of spatial data that is in the BIM design. A couple of key upgrades we would like to highlight are:


A Plan View Mini-map allows the user to orientate themselves when moving through the model in real time. The Mini-map is accessible through the views panel, and will be positioned along with the model views that was exported along with the BIM.

VRcollab Minimap Feature GIF


Gridlines are now available for Revit exports, enabling the user to quickly check the coordinates of certain issues. This information will also be exported in the next version when users annotate and generate the coordination report.

Revit Gridlines Feature GIF

Section Box

An upgrade to the cutting plane with a 6 sided section box, which allows the user to define exactly not only the dimensions but also the degree of the cutting planes. A orange highlight also is visible of the cut out sections.

Section Box BIM Feature GIF

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