BIM Integrations, Colour Markups & VDC Coordination with VRcollab


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BIM Integrations, Colour Markups & VDC Coordination with VRcollab

November 14, 2018

New BIM & Format Import Integrations

Added: Revit 2019 , Navisworks 18, Archicad 22 (Beta), Direct OBJ Import

Supported as of v0.9.10: Revit(2014–2019), Sketchup(2016–2018), Archicad(21–22), Rhino3D 6, Navisworks 18, OBJ

Formats Merge Feature: For eg. Archicad and Revit Models merged in VRcollab, with ability to access full data from both softwares for purposes of BIM VR coordination.

Scanning to BIM
3D scan > Point Cloud Data > OBJ > VRcollab Import

Direct OBJ imports allow for 3D scanned terrain or building to be imported into VRcollab for merging with any of the above integrated formats. Which is especially helpful for models that has to be completed with as-built data or even for terrain consideration at the design stage.

X-Ray enhanced with BIM Object Colour Markups

We have enhanced our X-Ray Mode by allowing for users to highlight shaded BIM objects in the colour that was specified in the BIM software. A slider allows the user to define the visibility threshold, helping to pinpoint certain elements in context for inter-disciplinary coordination purposes.

In the same spirit of enhancing design collaboration, VRcollab has also implemented section planes and single object hide for intuitive manipulation of the BIM model and its information.

Placement and Building of Objects on top of BIM

Since v0.9.7, VRcollab has introduced the ability for users to place objects such as scaled humans, landscape shrubs, furniture and scaffolding in context with the imported BIM Model.

A specially developed feature for the scaffolding, allows user to parametrically build the scaffolding against the BIM model all with a click and drag. And further experience the built scaffold in VR for 1:1 spacial validation with regards to safety and build-ability.

Video of some of our latest features :

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