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Allowing for effective BIM coordination regardless of technical skill level.

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Supported Versions: Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2014, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2015, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2016, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2017, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2018, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2019, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2020, Autodesk®️ Revit®️ 2021

Supported Versions: Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2018, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2019, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2020, Autodesk®️ Navisworks®️ Manage 2021

Supported Versions: Rhino3D 6

Supported Versions: Graphisoft Archicad® 21, Graphisoft Archicad® 22, Graphisoft Archicad® 23* (beta)

Supported Versions: No need for Sketchup software (2014 - 2020)

Supported Formats: .obj, .fbx

One Click Exports

Integrated to your BIM and 3D Models

BIM & 3D Data


One click data exportation without data loss from BIM to VRcollab, while giving the ability to merge these formats for coordination.

Stakeholder Participation


Coordinate with stakeholders in the same physical location or over the internet. Using the mouse & keyboard or with VR hardware.

Design to Construction


Generate coordination reports from issues taken during coordination for BIM design iteration and logging of changes.

X Ray BIM MEP Mode
BIM VDC Coordination

Effective BIM Interrogation

VDC Tools

One click easy to use tools for better design reviews and model interrogation by both BIM and Non-BIM skilled stakeholders alike.


Federate imported models without data loss


Edge snapping & Project axis locks

Bounding Box

Instant dimensioning of model objects


Access BIM meta data in a single click


Cut sections through models with ease


Comment and annotate direct on the model

Render Modes

Switch between Sketch, HQ and X-ray renders

View Capture

Capture issue areas with screenshots

Immerse yourself

Virtual Reality Functionality

VRcollab is compatible to HTC VIVE Series, HTC Cosmos, Oculus Rift Series and the Windows Mixed Reality (MR) Series.

The hardware for controllers may be different in form but the general principles of VR control stay the same in VRcollab.

Be in your designs before it has been constructed by immersing yourself in Virtual Reality, giving you 1:1 scale and depth perception.

VR Hardware Compatibility

  • HTC VIVE CE / Pro
  • HTC VIVE Cosmos
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Windows Mixed Reality Series

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