VRcollab Lite

Validate and Coordinate your designs instantly in Virtual Reality


Design in BIM and Convert to Virtual Reality

Design Building in BIM software and convert to VR instantly.
VRcollab supports a wide range of AEC softwares and VR headsets.

Convert up to 7GB BIM models automatically for use in Virtual Reality in less than 10 minutes.

Key Benefits

1. Depth & Perspective Information

Such information is often loss when viewed on a 2D screen despite being a 3D model

2. Faster Design Approvals

Communicate design effectively in both external presentations and internal coordinations

3. Intuitive Manipulation of BIM

No time wastage due to BIM software that was not created with efficient coordination in mind

4. Minimise Design Errors

Design errors flare up in VR allowing for quicker and more pinpoint mitigation

VDC Oriented Features

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  • Full VDC features
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  • Online dev support
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