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VRcollab LITE. Product Features

VRcollab LITE solves interoperability between different proprietary BIM formats with no data loss. Allowing for effective coordination between stakeholders in-person or through the Internet. While enabling for all participants to query, validate and better reiterate BIM design and information regardless of technical level.


VRcollab Lite has multiple features that facilitate easy coordination between stakeholders around BIM projects.

Merge BIM formats
Merge and combine different BIM formats including Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, Rhino, Sketchup and OBJ. Allowing you to work cross functionally with different disciplines.

Internet Meeting/LAN Meeting
Host and Coordinate meetings around your BIM projects on your LAN network or over the Internet.

Touch Screen Compatible
Try out our software on your tablet or ipad for a more hands-on experience.


VRcollab Lite has multiple features that help professionals query their Building Information Models with no data loss.

Precise Measurements
With different options such as end/mid-point snapping and smart object edge detection, you are able to make clear and precise annotations on the fly.

BIM information
Query any object in VRcollab and find all properties and parameters about that object as defined in your BIM model, with no data loss.


VRcollab Lite has multiple features that help professionals check and validate their designs.

Section Box
Use our section box tool to easily slice through your model to reveal issues and identify problems.

Sunlight Analysis
Accurately simulate sunlight and shadow studies that can aid in the understanding of sunlight penetration into your building.

X-Ray MEP Highlights
X-Ray render mode reveals objects within the walls, such as various MEP installations, whilst maintaining a ghosted view of the walls, easing issue detection.

Immersive VR Experience
Understand your building on a whole new level by immersing yourself in Virtual Reality, giving you 1:1 scale and depth perception.


VRcollab Lite has multiple features that enables professionals to communicate design considerations clearly and effectively.

Easily draw on your model to indicate issues or concerns you may have discovered.

Take screenshots that can easily be exported for your reference after meetings.

Text Comments
Make text comments and pin them to specific points in your model, allowing for easy reference after meetings.


VRcollab Lite enables professionals to export their design intentions through various formats that best suit the issue at hand.

Coordination Report
Export a report (meeting minutes) that is a compilation of all the text comments and screenshots from your meeting. This report is available in multiple formats: PDF, XML, Navisworks, Excel.

360 Degree Web Export (Coming soon)
A 360 view from any point in your model can be exported to a weblink. By selecting key areas in your model, you can share them with other stakeholders that do not have a VRcollab license.