Multi-user Voice Function (VoIP) And Microphone Set Up

The Multi-user Voice function is a feature within VRcollab's local and internet BIM coordination meetings. i.e. In-app voice chats.

A Note Before Setting Up Your VoIP

  • Please ensure your headphones with mic are in working order.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allows users to have voice calls over an Internet connection instead of analog phone lines. Hence, requires a stable internet connection for a quality experience.

How to start Multiuser Voice

  1. Launch VRcollab LITE.
  2. Set up a meeting with your colleagues.*
  3. In the meeting, hold on to the hotkey “M” to start conversing with your meeting attendees.
  4. Now, users can see if their mic is turned on with an icon with thier name on the top right hand corner of the viewer. (As shown below)


  1. For more settings, go over to the “Chats” tab to toggle the microphone and speaker on and off. Here, by default, the option to hold hotkey “M” is checked.

*More information on setting up a Local or Internet Coordination Meeting. Help articles respectively linked below:

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