Keyboard and Hotkey Layout

VRcollab utilises multiple hotkeys for its various features allowing for ease of communication and coordination in a smooth and effective manner.

VRcollab Keyboard and Hotkey Layout IMAGE
VRcollab Keyboard and Hotkey Layout

The following hotkeys correspond to the different tool and functionality sets of the VRcollab LITE® software:

VDC Tools

  • F1 - Inspect
  • F2 - Teleport
  • F3 - Measure (Auto)
  • F4 - Measure (2 points)
  • F5 - Draw annotation
  • F6 - Comment
  • F7 - Take screenshot
  • F8 - Adjust sunlight
  • F9 - Create and place
  • F10 - Section cut


  • W - Front
  • A - Left
  • S - Back
  • D - Right
  • Q - Down
  • E - Up
  • Shift - Accelerate (Used in Combination with WASDQE)

Render Modes

  • 1 - Normal Mode (Useful if model is too large and machine GPU specs is too low)
  • 2 - Sketch Mode (Useful for general massing when materials and textures matter less)
  • 3 - X-Ray Mode (Allows for highlighted shaded objects such as MEP to stand out amongst a ghosted view of other trades)
  • 4 - High Quality Mode (A GPU Intensive mode that allows for the best lighting, material and texture quality)


  • Esc - Escape current tools and selections
  • Z - Toggle hide UI (Good for video taking)
  • Spacebar - Toggle walk/fly mode
  • Windows logo key  + G - Windows 10 inbuilt video recording

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