Adding VRcollab To BIM 360™

Before you can link project between the 2 software, you will first need insert VRcollab as a custom integration. Here's a step by step guide on how to add VRcollab To BIM 360™.

  1. Go to Account Admin from the home page

2. Head to Settings > Custom Integrations > Add Custom Integrations

3. Choose the access you need > Next

4. Select "Invite a developer"

5. Insert [email protected] in the field provided > Send

6. You will see the following screen while waiting for access from VRcollab.

7. Within 24 hours, you will be given access to begin using VRcollab with BIM 360™.

To add your models in BIM 360™ and have it synced to VRcollab, you will to add a folder in Plan Folder. Here's how you can do it: Adding "VRcollab Models" subfolder in BIM 360™.

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