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What is VRcollab?

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VRcollab is a BIM (Building Information Models) Coordination Software that enables architects, engineers, planners and consultants to communicate seamlessly. VRcollab enables all building stakeholders to actively engage in its coordination regardless of Project Phase, Model Format and BIM Technical Skill.

In VRcollab, you will be able to coordinate with stakeholders from any location – in the same meeting room or across the globe. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can communicate and coordinate in real-time. 

VRcollab Workflow

vrcollab workflow

Some Key Features in VRcollab:

  • Integration with Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino 3D 6, Navisworks Manage 18 &  Sketchup
  • Direct .OBJ import
  • Precise measurements
  • BIM object information query
  • Text comments
  • Freehand annotations
  • 360° Panorama Capture*
  • Viewport Screenshot
  • Merge multiple BIM formats
  • Multiple BIM render modes
  • MEP coloured highlights
  • Gridlines (Revit & ArchiCAD*)
  • Web browser review*
  • Keyboard & mouse centric full feature sets
  • VR hardware compatible (HTC VIVE, Oculus, WindowsMR)
  • Multi-user internet meetings
  • Section box, minimaps & many more…

*Currently in Beta testing and development

See VRcollab in action:

How Do We Do It?

VRcollab’s Core Technology automatically converts your BIM for use in virtual design coordination. The conversion is done with accuracy and speed at approximately 7GB BIM converted in 10 Minutes. 

Our team’s expertise in software development and computer graphics also enhances the usability for multiple use-cases.