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VRcollab (.vrc) Format

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VRcollab allows for the conversion of BIM and 3D Formats (Revit, Navisworks, ArchiCAD, Rhino3D, Sketchup, OBJ, FBX, PLY, etc.) automatically into our own proprietary VRcollab format (.vrc).

This can be utilised to enhance your coordination workflow in the following ways:

Accessing (.vrc) format of specific project

Usecase: A user might want to check or annotate on the VRcollab model on/his her machine before sending it to a separate computer or another user.

  1. Export BIM/3D Format accordingly into VRcollab.
  2. Select Project from VRcollab Project List.VRcollab-Default-Launcher-View
  3. Click on “Open in File Explorer“.
  4. A Windows File Explorer will pop-up showing the main Project Folder.VRcollab-Project-Main-Folder
  5. The shown folder main folder is the (.vrc) format of the selected project.

Sharing the (.vrc) format folder to other machines or users

  1. As per the steps above, go one folder level up to “com.vrcollab.library
  2. The corresponding project folder should still be highlightedVRcollab-File-Library
  3. Duplicate that folder and transfer the folder via dropbox or thumb-drive to the other machine / VRcollab user

Taking in (.vrc) format

  1. Click on “Settings” in the top right handVRcollab settings
  2. Click on “Open Library” , this will open up the VRcollab project library
  3. Take the (.vrc) format folder and put it into “com.vrcollab.library” (**folder should not be compressed or zipped**)
  4. Your transferred project should appear on the project list

Transferring User Generated Content from one project to another

User generated content (UGCs) are the measurements, annotations, screenshots, documentations created by the user in the VRcollab Project.

The UGCs be transferred form one project to another, projects must be relatively similar with no major changes as the UGCs are locked in its spatial positions. Projects can be of different computers or users.

Transferring of UGC in Project A to Project B

  1. Select Project A > Open in File ExplorerVRcollab-Project-Main-Folder
  2. Double Click into “Session” FolderVRcollab-Project-Session-and-UGC
  3. Select ONLY “ugc.vrc” and duplicate it for transferring; this contents all measurements, comments documentations
  4. Open up the “Session” of Project B via similar steps above
  5. Replace Project B “ugc.vrc” with that of Project A “ugc.vrc”
  6. All of the comments and annotations from Project A will replace Project B (**Project B ugc will be deleted**)