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VRcollab Installation

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VRcollab has two product lines, the first being LITE which is a SaaS product and STUDIO which is a custom enterprise product. This installation guide is used for our LITE product. Should you are interested in STUDIO, please contact us at https://vrcollab.com/contact-us/.


Before installing, you will need to download VRcollab onto your devices. Go to https://vrcollab.com/download/ to download “VRcollab_Setup.exe” into your preferred Windows.

Do note that VRcollab is only compatible with Windows devices. You will not be able to use VRcollab on your MAC. For the best experience, you are recommended to use Windows 10 as they are equipped with inbuilt optimization for Virtual Reality.


1) Open the downloaded “VRcollab_Setup.exe” application to begin installation.

VRcollab_Setup.exe File
VRcollab_Setup.exe File

2) Choose Installation Options, click “Install” to proceed.

3) Installation Successful, click “Finish” to Run VRcollab.

Run VRcollab
Run VRcollab

4) Run VRcollab.

VRcollab Start Up Page
VRcollab Start Up Page

There you have it! You are now ready to import your BIM (building information models) into VRcollab.