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Standalone (.exe) Exportation

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Exporting the Standalone

After completing your BIM coordination sessions, export a standalone of your coordination using the following steps:

  1. After coordination session is done, select the project of your choosing in the imported project list in VRcollab.
  2. Click on “Create Standalone”
  3. Select save location on your machine, click “save
  4. Standalone will then be exported (Make sure there is enough disk space on your machine for successful creation of standalone)
  5. Standalone.exe file will then be exported to the chosen save location
Export to BIM Coordinated Standalone.exe from VRcollab project
Export to BIM Coordinated Standalone.exe from VRcollab project

How do I use the standalone to enhance my collaboration workflow with other stakeholders?

Send the standalone.exe file to your stakeholders via dropbox, we-transfer or thumb-drive. Your stakeholders will then be able to use the standalone and view on your coordinated project on their Windows* Computer.

Your stakeholders will be able to use the VRcollab standalone.exe upon download into their Windows computers via the following steps:

  1. Save standalone in machine
  2. Double click on .exe file
  3. Standalone will extract to temp folder
  4. Standalone will pop up, left click to teleport into model
  5. Explore coordinated model
Coordinated BIM standalone Usage
Using VRcollab Interactive Coordination Document Standalone

What is the difference between the standalone and the principle software?

VRcollab standalones act as an interactive document or takeaway post coordination, for non-users of VRcollab to be able to explore, interrogate and view model issues created by the VRcollab user.

Principle Features that remain in the standalone are as follows:

  • BIM Object Inspection
  • Hide Single Object
  • Bounding Box Measure
  • Plane to Plane Measure
  • Smart Edge Measure
  • Adjust Sunlight
  • Section Cut
  • Sketch / HQ Render
  • X Ray Render
  • Walk Mode (3D Avatar)
  • Default / Revit Controls
  • Documentation/ Issue List
  • Model View
  • Skybox Variation
  • Lines
  • Material Highlights
  • Shaded Mode
  • White materials
  • Double Sided Geometry
  • Grid Lines
  • Advance Minimap

*Standalones unlike the principle VDC software, VRcollab LITE, do not support over the internet multiuser functionality, Virtual Reality Usage, BIM integrations and issue creation. Read the BIM Coordinated standalone article.