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Moving Around in VRcollab

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We created VRcollab to make coordination easy for all stakeholders. With that in mind, we implemented an Ease of Navigation to allow smooth desktop navigation for both BIM trained and non-BIM trained individuals alike.

VRcollab Controls

Simple Navigation Controls

W-A-S-D keys to control camera movement. 

W: Forward
A: Left
S: Backward
D: Right

Hold “shift” button to accelerate the movement.

Right-click while dragging the mouse around controls the camera angle, allowing you to look around. 

Double right-click to dash the camera to your chosen spot.

Right-click and “alt” while dragging the mouse around allows you to orbit around the model.

Scroll middle button on your mouse to move back and forth.

Scroll the middle button while holding “alt” key to zoom in and out.

Drag middle button to pan the camera.