Experience Coordination 2.0

VRcollab Coordinate™ allows for stakeholders to jump into a design coordination and start navigating, interrogating and marking out issues with intuitive ease. Integrated to your BIM, 3D formats and CDEs.

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Save Time with One Click Dimensioning
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Increase Interdisciplinary Understanding

X-Ray Mode highlights the MEP systems located within your designs while still allowing for the contextual understanding of the other trades via a ghosted appearance.

MEP colour highlights are taken from shaded material appearances from your BIM model, with added grid functionality for models created by Autodesk Revit®.

High Quality Mode automatically beautifies your work by applying screen space reflections, ambient occlusions, soft shadows and material bump maps.

Render the best version of your model in realtime while still having one click access to the various coordination tools and technical features all at your finger tips.

Sketch Mode helps stakeholders focus on space anddesign instead of material selection during the early design phases.

Automatic BIM object outline is an added functionality that helps users to see smaller objects such as valve wheels, door knobs and switches that one may have missed.

With VRcollab, we can certainly increase the efficiency of our drawing reviews and also have a greater accuracy while being more confident with our complete design.
Khalil Shaiful
Digital Delivery Manger, Boustead Group
As a builder and main contractor, we are able to use VRcollab to connect the site to headquarters, where we are able to get faster and more informed decisions from our project directors.
Rexter Retana
Digital Delivery Manger, Mott MacDonald
VRcollab truly redefines collaboration in construction. It allows us to collaborate more effectively and efficiently while immersing ourselves into the virtual space, which was unachievable in current conventional practice.
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Integrated Workflow with your BIM Ecosystem
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Save 21.5 man-hours per week coordinating
Coordinate™ Hardware Requirements
Minimum Recommended
Hardware Windows-based PC with mouse and keyboard input
Operating System Windows 10 or later; only 64-bit OS
CPU Intel® i-7 or equivalent ( allows for quicker BIM conversion ) Intel® i-9 or equivalent
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 ( less complex BIM ) NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3090 ( large & complex BIM )
RAM 16 GB ( more RAM allows for larger BIM to be loaded ) 64 GB or more
Disk Space Hard disk 500GB or more free space; SSD for best performance
Connectivity Internet Connectivity for License Access / Multi User Remote Meetings, all other functionality can be run locally