The BIM 360™ cloud has always been a collaborative and sharing tool for many AEC professionals. Now that VRcollab’s v0.10.28 has finally arrived, you can now experience the magic of real-time collaboration and seamless issue management at your fingertips.

What BIM 360™ Integration Means For You

By first launching a project meeting in VRcollab and creating a design issue within our platform, it will automatically form a live link between the issue in VRcollab and BIM 360™. A live update of the issue details in BIM 360™ happens every time you edit the issues in VRcollab.

Issues created could cover a milliard of topics such as obvious visual disputes, reviewing complicated systems, etc. And they can be viewed, categorized and described in detail even before you launch the software. Issue details consist of creation date, location details, assignment, owner, screenshots and project file.

VRcollab Issue Creation
VRcollab Issue Creation

This integration is a next step forward in improving the user flow and design reviews. Gone are the days where one would have to export reports, and send the projects to and fro email chains to simply get reviews done.

“Having started our core capabilities in BIM to VR solutions, we have since transited very effectively to that of a BIM coordination and stakeholder collaboration platform. Thus it would be a natural step forward to be integrating to BIM360™, having understood that project datas are heading upwards into the clouds.,” says Ryan Liew, CEO of VRcollab.

“Also with lowering margins and many projects being delayed by social distancing regulations in place due to the pandemic; many projects have to become increasingly interconnected through the cloud to even move forward. As such we have seen an influx of demand for our remote BIM collaboration functionality which will be further enhanced by the BIM 360™ integration.”

Key Features of VRcollab’s BIM 360™ Integration

There's so many noteworthy mentions for this collaborative integration. One of it is that VRcollab’s BIM 360™ integration does not require VR headsets for you to experience the immersive view of your projects and collaborating with your partners. All you need to access it is a desktop.

With that, you will be able to access the following features:

  • Automatic creation of VRcollab trial account
  • Centralized Issue Hub
  • Seamless Workflow between BIM 360™ and VRcollab

Automatic creation of a VRcollab account

A 7-day VRcollab trial account will be automatically created for first time VRcollab users logging in  using BIM 360™ account.

Centralized Issue Hub

Issues created in VRcollab will be live linked to the issues on BIM 360™. This centralizes all issues into one cloud and makes this accessible to all the clients and peers that have access to the cloud.

With live link, generation of issues from both BIM 360™ and VRcollab is made possible.

On BIM 360™’s end when an issue is generated, there will also be a generation of that same issue in VRcollab. BIM 360™ icon in VRcollab Issue card redirects users to BIM 360™’s issue detail window.

Seamless Workflow Between 2 Platforms

Clicking on the BIM 360™ icon located on the bottom right of issues in VRcollab brings you to the issue’s detail window in BIM 360™ (web) platform.

Now you can see a detailed description of issues created before even launching the software. The issues will display issue details like creation date, location details, assignment, owner, screenshots and project file. This improves user flow.

Tutorials To Get You Started With BIM 360™

Adding VRcollab to BIM 360™. At this moment, VRcollab is in the process of being included in BIM 360™'s App Store. Hence, you will need to add VRcollab as a custom integration.

Adding Models in BIM 360™. Once you've added VRcollab as a custom integration in BIM 360™, you will need to add your BIM models to BIM 360™ before you can link it in VRcollab.

Linking Projects In VRcollab. Before you can create and manage your project issues between the BIM 360™ and VRcollab, you will first need link your files in VRcollab.

We have a lot more integrations coming up. Be sure to subscriber to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.