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We bring AEC professionals into one collaborative space. Making it convenient for you to work together from any location in the world. Great visuals, quick navigation and smart annotative tools help with effective communication.

"VRcollab truly redefines collaboration in construction."
Rexter Retana from Mott MacDonald

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With your Team and Building Information Models in one easily accessible place,
collaborating online is as seamless as collaborating in person.

Highlighted Features

We have selected the top 3 features of this month for your reference.

01 Multi-User Coordination

Participate in multiuser stakeholder meetings. These meetings can be conducted straight from your desktop or in VR depending on your needs. Identify issues with colleagues and resolve problems early in the design process, to allow for a smooth project delivery.

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02 BIM Data Retrieval

All object information and data from your Building Information Models will be accessible in VRcollab Lite simply by selecting any object. X-Ray view mode allows for detailed viewing of MEP systems and other elements that would typically be hidden in the default shaded view. Colour coding of the various elements eases in their selection.

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03 Annotate & 360 View Export

Interact with your BIM models with our annotate and measurement functions. We have included a new feature allowing users to export a 360 degree view from any location within their model. This allows you to share issues with non VRcollab users via a weblink.

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Section Cut

Cut sections through your models to explore the relationship between different spaces, drop ceiling heights and MEP requirements for your building.

Import Terrain

Import detailed terrain models to gain a contextual understanding of your building and how it relates to its surroundings.

Report Generation

After conducting meetings in VRcollab, all comments and screenshots will be automatically compiled into a PDF report for your convenience.

How has VRcollab helped our clients?

Rexter Retana
Digital Delivery Manager
Mott MacDonald

VRcollab truly redefines collaboration in construction. It allows us to collaborate more efficiently and efficiently while immersing ourselves into the virtual space; which was unachievable in current conventional practice.

Khalil Shaiful
Digital Delivery Manager
Boustead Singapore

As a builder and main contractor, we are able to use VRcollab to connect the site to headquarters, where we are able to get faster and a more informed decision from our project directors.

Darren Burrows
Senior Engineer
BECA Group

With VRcollab, we can certainly increase the efficiency of our drawing reviews and also have a greater accuracy while being more confident with our complete design.

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