Review and Coordinate
BIM designs in Virtual Reality


Enhance your workflow and productivity.

Integrates with your workflow

Autodesk Revit

(2015 – 2018)


(2017 – 2014)

Microsoft Excel

(2016, 2013)


(Beta Test*)

Convert up to 7GB BIM models automatically for use in Virtual Reality in less than 10 minutes.

Coordinate your design meetings

over the Internet

Instantly convert BIM models from Autodesk Revit or Sketchup for use in Virtual Reality. Attendees of the coordination meeting can either be in VR, Desktop or viewing from a projector screen.

Facilitating BIM models for use in design reviews, building requirement approval and construction coordination.

Multi-user Feature and Functionality

Intuitive features that are tailored for Architectural and Design Coordination. For seamless communication between all participants.

Export coordination report

Coordination reports are then automatically generated based on the minutes discussed, complete with coordinate values, screenshots, user annotations and comments for post coordination follow up. In its entirety, VRcollab helps external and internal meetings attain increased productivity and a faster workflow.

C.A.V.E System : VRcollab Studio

A Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (C.A.V.E) creates an impression of being inside the virtual environment. VRcollab Studio supports up to 6 sides C.A.V.E system and collaboration between the VR user and general audiences.